Kayak half day

Incredible experience of 3 hours in kayak, we will descend by the San Pedro River, the largest of the island, from the hanging bridge of Aulquilda to the Bridge of San Pedro.

The river originates in the summits of the Piuchen mountain range, is very quiet and is bordered by native forest, a beautiful place.

We wull eat a delicious appetizer in one of the hidden beaches.

* Passengers should bring a bathing suit, towel and sunscreen,

Recommendations: Sunscreen/hat/shoes for water (not slipper).


2 people

4 people


$35.000 pp

$30.000 pp

Activity detail

The activity starts on the banks of the river on the suspension bridge + technical talk and introduction to the activity

We will go down the river driven by the current (so there is no greater physical requirement)

We will travel for 3 hours the banks and hidden beaches of the river

We will eat a delicious snack in one of the beaches

We will return to the San Pedro Bridge

Back to the shed in a van from the bridge

We leave the equipment

*pp = price per person