Mixed full day

Horseback riding + kayak

Two incredible experiences in a day! We will ride during the morning to the 3 coigues picnic area  where we will enjoy a lunch on the banks of the San Pedro river.

After lunch we will put on our wetsuits and go down the calm waters of the river by kayak.

The kayak tours vary depending on the river, the sections can be the following:

- From the Auquilda suspension bridge to San Pedro bridge

- From 3 coigues picnic area to San Pedro bridge.

This activity takes a place between the months of December to April.

Recommendations: Sunscreen/hat/shoes for water.


2 people

4 people

Activity detail

Reception in the shed + technical talk

Passenger equipment


2 hours horse ride to the Tres Coihues post (on the banks of the river)

Kayaking on the San Pedro River (1 hours and 30 minutes)

Arrival at San Pedro bridge

Return to the house (10 min approx)


$70.000 pp

$65.000 pp

*pp = price per person