We are pleased to invite you to our traditional "Curanto al Hoyo: Cultural and participative activity".

We seek to get you involved in the process of preparing the Curanto, from heating the stones to uncovering, thus recreating the original purpose of Curanto al Hoyo according to ancestral traditions. It´s a collective activity that brings together the people around to a common goal, to the sound of live music.

During the process, we offer traditional snacks such as sopaipillas and seafood, all homemade.

The Curanto dish includes three types of meat: smoked pork, chicken and sausage, all of top quality; In addition to chapaleles, native potatoes and seafood. Accompanied by a glass of wine or non-alcoholic beverage (courtesy of the house).

The total duration of the activity is approximately 4 hours.

Workshop of artisan knives

It includes theoretical instruction, safety equipment and all the materials for the elaboration of an artisan knife of excellent quality, with stainless tempered steel and native wood for the handle.

The procedure is accompanied at all times by an expert.

Duration: 2,5 hours

Yarn, dyeing and telarning Workshop

According to the season, sheep from the ranch will be sheared for the workshop or wool from the previous season will be used. 

The workshop includes the treatment of wool from spinning to dyeing to then make a loom, with the instruction of local artisans.

Duration: 2,5 hours.